Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nathan's Jeep!

So the blog has been in kind of a rut lately. I've been so busy that I haven't picked up my camera or even updated the blog! So sorry for it's current boring-ness level. :-P So here is an update. Nathan decided to sell his tahoe and get something smaller that can fit into the garage with my car. If you didn't know, his car was broken into twice! They stole his ipod so for christmas his parents were kind enough to get him another one. Well, guess what. . . they broke in and stole that one too! He faithfully brought it inside everyday. . then one night forgot, and left it in the car. For some reason there were a string of break-in's in our neighborhood and come to find out they were a bunch of teenagers looking for something to do. . What is this world coming to? Well, enough preaching for me!
Nathan found an awesome jeep so we took it up to white rock to try it out. No mudding or anything like that, just a ride up the dirt roads to the overlook. :-) It was beautiful and I like the idea of taking pictures from the jeep! I can stand up like I'm on safari in Africa and shoot while we are driving! Only, my shots have to be of cows and horses since we live in Arkansas. . . ha ha! Here are some shots of Nathan enjoying his new jeep. It fits him well I think!

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