Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Sitting Adventures. . .

Hello everyone!!

So last night, my sister had a Christmas Party to go to. . and so did mom. . . so for the first time ever I got to baby sit BOTH Kaitlyn and Averee. Usually I just hang out with Kaitlyn cause she's old enough to be my little buddy. Averee was always the baby and mom got to watch her. ;-) Although I am capable, I do not prefer diaper changes. ha ha ha. So finally it was my turn with both. Averee, who Kaitlyn calls "the monster" is going through her terrible two's. But despite all of that, we had a really fun time and didn't even have any problems! Besides the random "mine!!" and "sissy did it" being yelled. We tried playing dress up and taking pictures and here are the results!

Kaitlyn trying to assist Averee the "model"
*note: Averee gouging Kaitlyn's eye in the process!!

Worn out. . .

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