Saturday, April 3, 2010

Backyard Flower Rundown

So springtime is finally here, and my backyard has suddenly burst into bloom!  It's sooo pretty, except for all the weeds in my lawn!  I just couldn't resist shooting some of my flowers this morning with the dew on them, and the sun shining through. The first one you will see is a Jane Magnolia tree with purple/magenta colored blooms.  I absolutely love this tree!  It's actually a bush, but if you prune it up right, it can grow into a tree.  And, it always blooms about 4 times a year.  In the summer its full over large green waxy looking leaves.  
The other thing blooming right now are my daffodils.  I ordered these bulbs from a place that claimed the daffodils were pink!  After a few years now, they are turning pink, but they still look a little peach to me.  Either way, I love unique plants!  The other is a double daffodil, which means it has extra petals in it.  I think the rain yesterday has beaten them up a little so they aren't as pretty now. 
My bleeding heart bush is growing, and has it's first set of little hearts growing.  These grow very fast, and come back every year.  I think for now, the only other thing coming up is my peony bush.  Those grow humongous flowers that bloom in the summer.  But for now, they look pretty neat coming up out of the ground.  How amazing that these plans just know exactly when to come up year after year.  It's such an amazing thing, nature.  God is so evident in it, I think that's why I love it so much!  Well, I hope you enjoy these, and I will post them in my flowers gallery if anyone is interested!  Thanks!

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