Friday, October 16, 2009

Dynamo vs. Whitecaps

Last night the Dynamo Girls fought it out against the Whitecaps and that field was muddy!! I think some of the girls,( i.e. Kaitlyn), have been taught that when they get dirty, you go and get cleaned off. When Kaitlyn fell down she stood there like now what? hahaha! My sister is a clean freak and I think it has rubbed off on Kaitlyn. (sorry Jennifer, I had to. :-)) They soon learned though that they could wipe the mud off of their hands by using their coaches shirt!! So cute. . I just love watching these little girls play. Their individual personalities really come out. Here is your preview, and the photos are already uploading! Yippie! See the gallery by clicking here.

Wiping off Hands!!

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