Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I cannot believe how much snow we keep getting!!  This morning, so far at 7:50 am I measured 11", but the weather man is saying we are getting snow at the rate of 2-4" per hour!  Good grief!  Well, here are some pictures from the snow we got on February 1st.  We let the dogs go out and play for a little bit and they had a blast!  Stay tuned for some pictures of the Tilly Willy Bridge here in Fayetteville!

This mornings total as of 7:50 am

Blue awaiting us to throw his ball, Max in his own little world behind him!  haha

Max finally getting a turn, only if Blue is held down tight!

I accidently focused on Nathan instead of Max, so blurry pic, but I couldn't resist posting this because of Max's Ears!

Gotta finish off with a Nature shot, this is a small creek near our house.  I couldn't believe all the ducks!  I snapped it quick enough before they all flew off.

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