Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snow Pictures for 2010!

Snow is just so much fun!!  Especially for those who are still kids at heart. ;-)  Thanks to Nathan's 4-wheel drive jeep, and years of experience driving in the country in ice, I got to get out and shoot a few things during the snow storm!  I got some really cool shots of Nathan where you can actually see the snow falling down all around him.  I love snow!  (I actually hate winter. . . BUT if it's going to be cold, give me something in return, like snow!)  Here is the first set of pictures I got.
This post of pictures will be included in the 2010 Snow gallery.  Consider it-part 2.  I had a feeling on January 2nd when we got the first wave of snow, that it wasn't the last snow of the season!  As we get snow, I will add more to this gallery and each image will be available for purchase.  Thanks guys and hope your staying warm and cozy!


Cat Tails on the Horizon

Cat Tails





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