Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh my gosh! It snowed! Twice!!

Let it snow, let it snow let it snow!!  I always say, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow!  First thing Sunday morning I went to check on the dogs and gasped outloud, "oh my gosh!!".  I ran around the house opening blinds and saying "it snowed!!  it snowed!!"  (Nathan was still asleep, needless to say he got up after that!)  We decided to try out the cats in the snow.  Sam and Garfield both took off running back into the house.  Gizzy however, being the bengal cat he is, walked around in the snow exploring like a leopard.  After that we let the dogs out and they had a blast!
We got ready and headed off to church, which by the way was a great service!  After a morning of great praise and worship, we headed out to the country to take a few pictures.  We stopped at Lake Sequoyah and shot a few from the old bridge that used to go over the White River, before it was flooded to create the lake.  Here are a few from our day.  If you didn't get any snow, hope you enjoy looking at these!  Have a great day!


Looking through the old bridge toward the new bridge



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