Friday, December 10, 2010

St. James 2010 Womens Conference

Well, after a few weeks, the pictures for the St. James 2010 Women's Conference are finally up!  I had the pleasure of photographing this event last year and was so excited to hear I could do it again! As you may know, St. James is my home church and I am just so blessed and humbled to be used by God here.  Great things are happening here!  Here is your picture preview, and the rest of the album should be uploaded shortly!  Click here to view, or go to "client viewing", then "seniors + families + events" on the website! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eleuthera Part I

Well, I've finally had time to sit down and work up a few photos from Eleuthera!  I know a lot of people have been asking, so even though I'm not anywhere close to being done with all of the photo's, I thought I'd go ahead and post a few of them. 
For those of you who may not know, Eleuthera is a long skinny island in the Bahamas that is not very touristy and has a very small population.  You won't find shopping malls, casinos, big chain hotels, or any kind of crowds.  It's just miles and miles of uninhabited land and beautiful beaches.  One of the things that this island is known for is it's pink sand.  The sea strawberries break up in the ocean and wash ashore mixing with the white sand which creates an amazing pink color unlike anything I've ever seen.  Another thing that amazed me about this island is that around every bend, there is a different beach, with totally different sea shells, sand, and shoreline.  One beach was completely covered in sea sponges, one empire shells, and another tiny little white and pink shells.  And if that isn't enough, the birds here are beautiful!  I had so many things to explore that the first day there, I was just completely overwhelmed!  Isn't it amazing what God has created!  We can't even dream up some of the creations he has given us.  We are truly blessed.
Well, here are just a few pictures to preview, click here and you can view Part I of the entire Eleuthera gallery.