Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Courtney's Pictures are up!

Courtney's Pictures are now up!  Click on the photo below to view the entire gallery. 

Courtney's Baci Celebration

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Courtney's Baci Reception

To finish off the weekend, we headed down to Fort Smith for some great food, fun, and friends!  Our good friend Vieng's little baby girl had a Baci Ceremony Saturday, so we came for the reception and tried to snap a few photos.  Courtney is absolutely adorable!  Not to mention with her new pink bow her Auntie Vee made her!  So cute!!  Here is your picture preview guys, and hopefully the album will be up by Wednesday!  Thanks guys!  We had a blast!

Arkansas County Roads- Wedington Area

This weekend has been an absolute blast!  The weather forecast seemed pretty gloom, but the sun really stayed out most of the day Saturday and we decided to get out and go for a drive.  It seems like I haven't picked up my camera in weeks!  It was very liberating to be out in the sunshine, soaking in nature, and shooting away.  We found this huge old oak tree probably 8-10 feet in diameter and decided to climb it like little kids.  I found out I'm not as young and fearless as I used to be but it was fun!  After that, we took a break from tree climbing and soaked up the sun in a big field!  Since it's still early, the chiggers and ticks weren't out yet, yay!! I think after this drive, I've decided to start a new gallery in my nature section for Arkansas backroads, etc...  I'll post these photos there for purchase if anyone is interested.  Here are some photos from our drive.

of course my favorite, sage grass!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring! I think. . .

Well it's the first day of Spring, and the start of Spring Break!  I was thinking, yeah, Saturday I'll go out and shoot some daffodils and all the pretty flowers blooming right now.  Maybe put the top down on the jeep and go for a ride in the country.  Wrong!!  Can you believe this weather?  Snow, the day after a 67 degree day.  Well, we do live in Northwest Arkansas.  It seems like when I was in school, every Spring break always brought cold rain or snow.  Well, I did shoot some daffodils, only they were covered in snow!  Pretty soon, I'm sure these rains and cold temperatures will give way to some pretty flowers, green grass and sunshine!!  I can't wait!  For now, we will just have to enjoy these flower pictures with snow. ;-)  Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baci Ceremony

Saturday, Nathan and I got the opportunity to run down to Fort Smith and shoot the reception for a traditional Laos Baci Ceremony.  If you have never heard of one of these ceremonies, it is a way that the Laotian community welcomes a member back after recovering from an illness, or overcoming some sort of obstacle.  Our great friend, Christina, invited us down to celebrate in her mother's recovery from Cancer.  What a sweet and precious family they have!  The people are all so very giving and welcoming and I think everyone had a great time!  At the end, all the ladies did this really cool traditional dance all together in sync!  Take a look.  Thanks so much for welcoming us to share in this special occasion!  Here is your picture preview.  To view the entire gallery click here. (should be up by Wednesday!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Help us find Gizzy!

Well, it's been a busy week!  I finally got my raised beds built and was very happy with the way they turned out.  Thanks to my friend Jessica who suggested I go to ReStore, I found a whole bundle of 10' long 2x6's for only $25!!  I know you should probably use cedar for something like this so it won't rot, but on a budget, this will do!  And for the cost, I can rebuild another one in a few years!  I'm all ready for a load of compost from the city, and then my strawberries and blueberries can be planted!  
So here is the bad news. . . it was such a warm day last Saturday while I was building my raised beds, I decided to let the cats out in the backyard.  It's fenced in, but in the middle of running the saw, I didn't see Gizmo jump over the fence!!  We haven't seen him since!  :-(  We finally put out a live trap with sardines in it, but still no Gizzy.  I'm starting to get worried because he is de-clawed and is an indoor cat. . If anyone has seen him around the Mt. Comfort/Crofton Manor Subdivision area please let me know!!  fotomichelle@cox.net
Here are some photos of the new beds, and some photos of Gizzy so you can identify him.  He didn't have his collar on. :-(

the lumber wasn't in perfect shape, but not bad for flower beds!

sam checking it out

Gizzy just before he jumped over the fence

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dynamo vs. Freedom!

This Saturday was the first Dynamo girls soccer game of the season!  Yay!!  It couldn't have been a more perfect day.  Sunny weather, warm, and lots of happy kids!  The teams seemed like they knew a little more about what they were supposed to be doing compared with the fall season. ;-)  I guess they have gotten older on us!  Kaitlyn is just growing way too fast for me, and I'm sure all you other parents feel the same way about your little ones!  I think everyone had a great time and there were lots of smiles, celebration dances, and lots of sticking out of tongues!!  So adorable!  Here is your picture preview, and the rest of the pictures should be uploaded here by Monday!  Check back for the entire gallery!

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom

Dynamo vs. Freedom