Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snow Pictures for 2010!

Snow is just so much fun!!  Especially for those who are still kids at heart. ;-)  Thanks to Nathan's 4-wheel drive jeep, and years of experience driving in the country in ice, I got to get out and shoot a few things during the snow storm!  I got some really cool shots of Nathan where you can actually see the snow falling down all around him.  I love snow!  (I actually hate winter. . . BUT if it's going to be cold, give me something in return, like snow!)  Here is the first set of pictures I got.
This post of pictures will be included in the 2010 Snow gallery.  Consider it-part 2.  I had a feeling on January 2nd when we got the first wave of snow, that it wasn't the last snow of the season!  As we get snow, I will add more to this gallery and each image will be available for purchase.  Thanks guys and hope your staying warm and cozy!


Cat Tails on the Horizon

Cat Tails





The New Blog!!

It's finally done!  The blog is now integrated as a part of the website for ease of viewing!  Hope you like it!  If anyone experiences any problems, feel free to e-mail me and let me know, or just leave a comment.  Constructive criticism is certainly welcome!  ;-)


Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm 2010... or not!

Well, it looks like so far we're not going to get an ice storm this least not like we did last year!  It sleeted most of the morning, then all turned to snow and now it's coming down hard!!  I had to go out and find something to photograph.  It's sooo pretty!  But after just a few shots I noticed my camera was getting soaked!  So I had to get back inside with it.  Water+electronics= :-(

I did manage to take a few of my Jane Magnolia tree.  It had already started to bud out with the warm weather we had last week, and the tiny little buds were covered in ice.  If you look, you can see the tiny little fuzz on the buds through the ice.  Nature is so amazing. . It can withstand so much, and only months later produce the most beautiful green leaves and pink flowers. How does it do that?  We serve an awesome God who is capable of so many things.  A small tree is only one example.  :-)  Ah... so reflective on a day like this!  Ok.Ok.... I'm done now!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remembering the Ice Storm of 2009

Did you know that a year ago this week we had the big ice storm of 2009?  And now they are calling for another one today!  I hope everyone is prepared this time, and hopefully things go better this year.
Last year we were hit hard.  I know my parents especially because they live in an older neighborhood with huge trees everywhere.  Luckily Nathan and I live in a newer subdivision where most of the power is underground, so we were only without power for a day.  My parents were without power for almost 2 weeks!  The service line to their house got torn off by falling tree limbs so we all camped out at my house.  It was a stressful time and really disturbing site to see so much destrution.  So I thought it would be good to take a look back into last year through pictures and remember how we all came together to help out our neighbors in need.  I know there was a lot of sawing and limb clean up that went on!  So take a look and post your own comments of how you faired last year.

  Trying to get to my parents house to see the damage. . .

checking out the down service line 

electrical box disconnected from the house

poor little bird house hung on. .  

The ice from our mailbox

coffee by gas fireplace ;-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Details & Sunshine

Good morning!

Well, I don't know about you, but yesterday was a pretty dreary day.  When the sun is not out, it just makes you feel "ugh".  I saw today on the weather channel that January 25th is the most depressing day of the year!  What a coincidence cause I was feeling it!  But around 4:00 the sun started to come out and my house filled up with sunshine!  I suddenly noticed the light reflecting off of my glass tables, and vases and got inspired. 
I never know what will inspire me or when I get inspired but sometimes it just happens and I have to grab my camera and start shooting!  I thing Photogs need to take the time to just play with the light and shoot things for fun.  (not that photo sessions are not fun because they are a blast!)  But shooting objects plays up our creative side and gets us going again!  So the sunshine really reminded me why I love photography.  It lifted my mood and I hope these inspire you to pick up your camera today and have fun!
To explain some of the pictures: I have a little wire hanging in my office with clips,(to replicate the old strings that you hang photos on after you develop them in chemicals), and I have photos hanging from them that my dad took when I was little.  These are so special to me because for one, my dad took them ;-) , and also because they are photos of the beach.  We lived in Panama City when I was little while my dad was stationed at Tyndall Air Force Base.  I could walk across the street and be on the beach!  I guess that's why I love it so much.  So here is a little part of me.  Can you recognize the ones in the pictures??







Friday, January 22, 2010

My new lens is here!!

So it finally happened.  I have finally purchased the portrait lens of most every photographer's dreams!!  I am truly blessed!  To God be the glory in everything I do this year with photography.
This will bring tears to your eyes (especially if your a photog.) ;-)  It's a Nikon Nikkor 85mm f1.4 IF!!!  I was dying to try it out, and had no one to test it on but the cats and dogs.  Finally I convinced Nathan to let me take some pictures of him!  He only gave me 10 minutes so here is what I got!  Isn't he a good looking guy? Sorry ladies, he's taken! ;-)

Babies & Newborns

Hello Everyone!
It feels like it's been a while since my last blog post!  I've been super busy getting together all of my new marketing materials for this year.  How exciting!!
Just a reminder that the baby/newborn special of half off will continue through the month of February as well as January so if you or someone you know has a little one that desperately needs some photos feel free to contact me! Best way to reach me is e-mail,, facebook message, or phone, 479-799-1333.
 For babies, what I normally do is just come to your home (since it's easier with a newborn) and set up a little mini studio with some lights, or find an available light source and shoot away!  My sister has had 2 and I have learned it's much easier than packing your diapers, wipes, bottles, and all that other equipment that comes with babies!  ;-)
For a slideshow of some of my previous work you can visit the website
and click "babies + maternity" or just click this link.

Thanks guys and hope to see you soon!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sam the Kitten - Update

Most of you may remember Sam.  He was found in the parking lot at Sam's, explaining his name ;-), and we decided to make it our goal to find this poor lost little kitty a home!  He was sooooo sweet and little. . . Needless to say, no one needed a kitten, so by default, he joined our clan!!  I can't believe how much he has grown since we got him!!  But you can tell he was a stray cat because he is so affectionate and loves attention!  Never a dull moment around here with this little guy.  So here is a little update collage picture of what Sam looks like now, and some of Sam's baby pictures to compare!  See what everyone missed out on??!!  

Sam as a Kitten

Sam now, about teenage size ;-)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

So sad to hear about the massive earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday.  It was a 7.0 which is very devastating.  My heart goes all to all of those who are there struggling to find food, water, and shelter.  We are so blessed here in the United States to have so much more than our basic needs of food, water, and shelter.  Haiti is a nation that was already at an 80% poverty rate.  I can't imagine how people are coping.  So before we complain that starbucks didn't put the right amount of cream in our coffee, or our food was cold, maybe we should remember those who aren't lucky enough to eat. 
In the midst of disasters there are those who are quick to rip us off trying to get donations so they can steal them.  Everyone be careful where and how you donate and make sure they are from a credible source.
 If anyone knows someone in Haiti and is looking for them, click here to find information on how to locate your loved ones.
If you would like to donate through the American Red Cross, you can text "haiti" to 90999 and $10 will show up on your next cell phone bill.
Please pray for those in Haiti, and remember we are blessed!  Have a great day!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Pictures Part 2

Well, I said I would be adding to the "Snow 2010" gallery this month, but I was hoping we would have more snow!  We decided to get out of the house this weekend and look for some places that still had some snow, but not really any luck.  We did find some frozen ponds that were beautiful and had cute little "duckies", which is what I call all ducks, geese, etc..., so I got a few shots of them.  I can't believe they just lay there on the ice and freeze!  They even swim in the water that's not frozen.  It was still soooo cold so I didn't spend much time before I got back into the car!!  
I went over to Lake Fayetteville to check it out, and sure enough it's frozen too!  I couldn't believe it.  I don't' think I've ever seen the entire lake frozen before.  Or maybe I just wasn't old enough.  The sun was just setting and everything was just splashed with that beautiful yellow light.  And when sage grass it lit up with sunlight, I just can't resist!  I think I have posted a lot of sage grass pictures on this blog, and will probably post more in the future!  It's so beautiful to me.  Gives off a calming sense, don't you think?  Here are a few of the shots I got.  They will be posted along with the others in the "Snow 2010" gallery.

Have a great day!