Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jonathan + Katie

Wow.  It has been so long that I actually forgot my blogger password! Well, thanks to my cousin Jonathan and his soon to be wife Katie, I got to pick up my camera again for the first time in a long time.  Too long if you ask me.  I can't believe how fast time flies the older you get.

We are so glad to welcome Katie into our family.  I remember the first time I met her.. I thought wow.  How did he find her?! haha Kidding of course.  No, but really, as soon as you meet her you can tell she is a very sweet and self-less person.  The kind of person you could tell anything to and depend on. We are so happy to have her in our family! Both of them are great, and I can tell they are good together.  They look it too!  Have a look..

Monday, January 26, 2015

Anna + Carlos!

What's this you say?  Am I open for business again?!  Not quite. ;-) Things are still temporarily(?) shut down for now, but I just couldn't tell my good friend no when she asked me to shoot her wedding!  Even if I am extremely rusty and made several mistakes... eek!

I met this amazing woman when she was working as an intern with me while going to school to be a Civil Engineer.  Let me tell you, this girl can do anything she sets her mind to, and was such a huge help to have as an intern!  I've seen her climb dump trucks full of asphalt to check temperatures, survey in a snow storm, and push a wheelbarrow full of concrete!  Yes, this girl.  The same beautiful woman you see below!

As I got to know Anna better, we found out that her life is basically exactly like mine when I was her age to a T!  It's like she has been born to live out my life again, only make better choices.  hehe ;-)  So glad I met this girl, and got to meet Carlos too.  He's such a sweet and humble guy, and I'm so glad these two kids found each other!  They go so well together.  Anna & Carlos, here is your wedding picture preview!  The rest should be done soon!  Enjoy. ;-)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Falling Water Falls & Surrounding Areas

Hello everyone!

Welp it's official.  I've decided to try and start blogging again.  This time I think I'll start back doing nature photography to get inspired again and maybe..just maybe start doing "people" photography again.  ;-) So here are a few images from my first trip out in years.  And it shows let me tell you!  I got there and realized I had forgotten my polarizing filter. Then started to think, do I even own a polarizing filter anymore?? I have no idea!  I'll have to go through my gear and restructure a bit to do nature photography again.  It's definitely a different way of thinking than when you shoot people (with a camera I mean. ;-) )

So here are the highlights from my trip with dad. First off we made the statement, lets go straight to Falling Waters, that way we're sure to see it, then we can get sidetracked.  So the first thing we did was get sidetracked at Lake Dardanelle state park.  (of course!) Then we decided we couldn't leave before we saw the lock and dam.  So we went there and I said is that a sandy bank across the river??  UH, YES please! We then proceeded to ask Siri how to get over there.  And after she led us to a dead end, we finally ended up on the other side and I got a sample of sand for my collection.  I love to collect sand and compare the different colors and textures by the way..remember, I'm a nerd. So here is the dam, and a close up of the sand.  Of course any trip to the water isn't complete unless you shoot a Blue Heron.

So after the long side trip, we finally set on our way to Falling Waters.  Well... what do you do when you see a big overlook?  You have to stop!  So we did, but I opted to not take out my camera, and snapped a few with the iphone.  By the way, if you ever get the chance to get out this way, the best time of the year is the fall.  Take highway 7 up towards Pelsor and Sand Gap, and you will see a sign for the Scenic Highway 7 overlook.  It is absolutely stunning in the fall... Anywho.. See I even get sidetracked when I'm writing! Well we finally got there and I couldn't believe there were actually kayakers there going over the falls in their kayaks!  These falls are approximately 10-14 feet tall I would assume, and you won't catch me going over something that tall!  So we watched in amazement as they all went over one at a time.  I didn't really catch anything spectacular since the water level was so high and like I said.. I didn't really have the right gear with me. But here are a few shots of the falls.  Down the road we shot Six Finger Falls, and also a few other locations.  The trip ended at the Richland Creek Camprounds, which by the way are closed right now for remodeling.  I'm hoping to go back this way and explore the Richland Creek area for phase 2.  Well, enjoy!

Falling Water Falls - 8-10-13

Falling Water Falls - 8-10-13

Six Finger Falls

Six Finger Falls

Six Finger Falls

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dahler Family Photos

Hello everyone!

Another post you might ask?! So soon!  Yes, I'm still semi "retired" from photograpy at the moment, but I did offer to take family pictures for my sis.  I can't say no to family!  Plus she's understanding if she doesn't get her CD of photos until Christmas.  hehe ;-) Ok, hopefully it won't take that long! 
These two sure have their hands full.  Two girls, two years apart, and personalities like night and day!  But they're a lot of fun and make great cousins to little Eli for sure!  Here's a little preview of our evening.  Enjoy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marley + Julia's Mountain Top Wedding!!

Hello all!!

I cannot belive I have not blogged since March! For those of you who didn't notice, the last few posts consisted of way too many oogly google photos of my little guy Eli. ;) What can I say, I'm partial to his squishy little face. I've been hiding out and taking a break for a while, and thanks to Julia & Marley I had the chance to get out and shoot a wedding!  Not just any wedding, a mountain top wedding at White Rock mountain....and the view from the top... breathtaking.  Even more breathtaking was observing just how much these two kids love each other.  Julia, Marley, you two are perfect for each other.  Congratulations I'm so happy for you two!
Well, despite a few random showers of rain, and sleet, we managed to have the wedding precipitation free!  Yay!! And let me tell you, despite the bitterly cold temps, rain, and sleet, these folks didn't complain one time.  I've never seen such compassionate, hard working and loving friends and family.  It was so great meeting everyone and I hope to see you all again!  Here's your picture preview!