Friday, December 9, 2011

Introducing Baby Eli!

Hello everyone! I'm back blogging, but really only to share a few photos of our new pride and joy, Elijah Glenn Parker! (Eli for short) He was born November 13, 2011 and weighed 8.0 pounds, 20 3/4" long. It's such a blessing having a child, and we thank God for our precious gift he's entrusted us with. So this will be a short post, but I hope you enjoy the photos from his very first photo shoot! These were taken at 6 days and 7 days old.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amy - Senior Pics

Well guys, here is the picture preview to the last photo shoot I've done before I go on Photo "maternity leave" ;-)  I hate to be that way but staying up late after work to process photos is just not too feasible in the last month of pregnancy! I miss shooting already but I'm sure here soon I will have a new little subject to do lots of shooting with. 
So Amy is my cousin-in-law (is that a real term??) and I just couldn't wait to shoot her senior pictures.  Such a sweet and fun girl, and so smart too! I'm sure Amy's going to go on and do great things after high school!  Sky's the Limit!  Well here is your long awaited picture preview, and hopefully the rest of the photos will be ready and online soon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Eli's Room!!

In case you haven't heard, we are expecting our first baby on November 8th!  We decided to name him Elijah Glenn Parker.  Glenn is my dad's name, and because he has been such a huge influence in my life, I wanted to include that in our son's name.  We will call him Eli for short until he gets older and wants a more sophisticated name!
Well I think we are finally almost done getting the baby room ready!  I thought I'd share some of the things we did, and where we got them in case someone else was interested.  ;-)  When I found out I was pregnant, I decided for the baby room I wanted to do something different.  Surprise, surprise for those who know me! ;-) (Different should have been my middle name) Everyone nowadays does blue and brown, or pink and green.  I decided to go with cool grays and whites.  And I added the stripes to make the room feel longer since it is a bit small.  
After several renderings on photoshop (because I'm nerdy like that) I picked the design.  I call it, "Modern Forest/Owl Nursery".  Keeping with the color scheme of gray's, blues, and greens.  Yes, like I said, I am a nerd!  (I think if I had a second choice at a career, it would be interior design.)  I did a lot of research and decided to go with a vinyl wall decal because when the baby grows up, we can just peel it right off and not have to repaint!  Easy!  I searched and searched and the best most unique decals were from Janey Mac on etsy.  Check out her store, it's awesome! 
For the crib we had looked at several modern cribs online which of course ended up being almost $1,000!! Finally I found this gray one at of all places! It's the Modena Baby Mod collection. And the little dresser we found online at Ikea called the Aneboda series. The next thing was crib bedding....Wow!  That stuff is expensive! Plus I'm so picky I couldn't find anything that went with my design.  So I finally decided to make it myself.  A very inexpensive solution!  I've got it all done except the main crib blanket.  I found a great site where you can actually come up with your own design, and they will print it on fabric!  So I came up with an owl design matching the greens in the bumper pads and will be ordering it soon! For all you fabric lovers, the website is called  Besides the big stuff, I found the lime green shag rug at target, and we are set!  All we need now is baby Eli! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashlie + Taylor

I've got another cute family to show you!  This is Ashlie & Taylor, mom and daughter.  You may recognize Ashley, since she has been on BET and all, I like to say she's famous!  hehe  Ok, so she says it was with the Arkansas Mass Gospel choir but still!  What an honor.  She's got an amazing singing voice and we love her! (and Taylor too!)  Happy to shoot these two.  Enjoy the picture preview!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tim + Andrea

This may be a long post!  So if you like to see lots of pictures, you'll like this one.  It's just so hard to narrow down pictures for a blog preview when it's a wedding!  Too many cute things happening I think.  And I can say, this is my very first Harley Davidson Themed Wedding I've ever shot, and Nathan and I enjoyed every minute of it! 
It was a very unique, fun, and laid back atmosphere (which for a photographer is very nice!) And I can't forget to mention the food which was made by two very special women who did professional catering for years and it showed! We had a great time, and thank Tim and Andrea for inviting us to share this special time with them and their friends and family. Hope you enjoy your picture preview and we'll be in touch when the entire gallery is up!