Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leon + Lindsey

Can you believe how beautiful it was today?! My car read 70 degrees as Nathan and I headed out to the lake to meet a couple for an evening photo shoot.  We began scouting out a few locations, and just walking along those piers, hearing the water splash around the boats, and smelling the fresh air made me feel like it was summer again! (my favorite season as you all may know) We had some beautiful evening light, and lucky for us a few clouds rolled in at just the right times.  
Besides everything else that was already going perfect, Lindsey and Leon came, and wow!  This pair is probably the most photogenic couple we've ever shot!  Not to mention they both have the most beautiful smiles, especially Lindsey ;-).  I barley did any coaching, which gave me more time to spend on composition and creativity.  I hope you guys like your photo preview and the gallery should be up in a few days. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tony + Sally

Lucky for me, this snow and winter weather hasn't kept me too lethargic, in the people photography business that is!  Nathan and I met the sweetest couple at our church, and I believe we're going on 2 years now that we've known them.  Tony is also a photographer, a very gifted one at that, and a designer.  I felt honored and humbled to be asked by another photographer to take their photos, and we were lucky to have such a photogenic couple!  It's so hard to photograph couples who have seemed to have lost their "spark".  But you can see right away, these two share a genuine love...very refreshing!  And Sally....look how beautiful she is!  Just stunning. Here is your picture preview guys!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy Birds/ Arkansas Bird Feeder

So I looked outside yesterday and all the birds were frantic trying to find food, and being the bleeding heart kinda person I am for animals I decided to do something about it!  All the feeders were snowed under and empty.  I looked around for the quickest solution and found a huge box that one of my photos came in.  I realized that if I opened the two sides, and slid them into the snow it was just like a table!  hehe (Arkansas engineering skills I guess ;-) ) So I scattered the bird food and here they all came!  
We had so many red cardinals at one point it was crazy!  Beautiful birds.  I did find out through the whole ordeal that my windows need cleaning bad! I couldn't shoot anything through them.  Plan B: hide outside and wait for the birds to come back out to get pictures of them.  After frost bit toes, here's what I got.  Photography is so fun.  Even when it's just a bunch of birds!

The "Arkansas" Bird Feeder
Snowy Scene

How many Cardinals do you see??

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Update! 17"

Snow update!  Close to 17" at about 9:30ish am!  Blue and Max enjoyed running through it, although Max is a bit smarter.  He stayed close then was ready to go in!  Nathan wanted to throw our cat Garfield out in it and watch him disappear...but I'm not that mean!!  haha  Enjoy!
 Just measured 18", this pic is from 9:30 a.m., it's now 10:36 a.m.


I cannot believe how much snow we keep getting!!  This morning, so far at 7:50 am I measured 11", but the weather man is saying we are getting snow at the rate of 2-4" per hour!  Good grief!  Well, here are some pictures from the snow we got on February 1st.  We let the dogs go out and play for a little bit and they had a blast!  Stay tuned for some pictures of the Tilly Willy Bridge here in Fayetteville!

This mornings total as of 7:50 am

Blue awaiting us to throw his ball, Max in his own little world behind him!  haha

Max finally getting a turn, only if Blue is held down tight!

I accidently focused on Nathan instead of Max, so blurry pic, but I couldn't resist posting this because of Max's Ears!

Gotta finish off with a Nature shot, this is a small creek near our house.  I couldn't believe all the ducks!  I snapped it quick enough before they all flew off.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Centerpoint Trail - Buffalo River Area

Well, for the first time since my dad's heart troubles, he has finally been cleared by his doctor to start hiking again.  We decided that it was only fitting for his first trip back out to be somewhere in the Buffalo River Area!  Our favorite place; there is so much to see there, tall bluffs, waterfalls, elk, wildlife.  If you've never been, you really should see it.

After going through several trails, we decided to try Centerpoint trail near Compton.  Instead of going all the way down to Steel Creek, we headed to Big Bluff (sometimes called Goat Bluff Trail), then came back.  After discovering that the whole trail was downhill, we had to turn around and climb uphill the whole way back!  I believe it was roughly 3 miles there, and 3 back, so we were a little winded and sore when it was all over with!  Next time we leave a car at Steel Creek and head downhill the whole way!

From the pictures you can see why it's called Goat Bluff Trail.  It follows the edge of a steep bluff, and towards the end, gets a little unnerving.  I included a lot of picture of my dad for scale so you can see the height of these bluffs.  (and cause it's my dad and all :-))  It was pretty sunny so not very good light for landscape photography, but I managed to get a few.  Enjoy!

For all the nerds out there who have GPS and would like to find this trail, the coordinates for the trail head are 36-03.85N, 93-21.62W.