Monday, January 26, 2015

Anna + Carlos!

What's this you say?  Am I open for business again?!  Not quite. ;-) Things are still temporarily(?) shut down for now, but I just couldn't tell my good friend no when she asked me to shoot her wedding!  Even if I am extremely rusty and made several mistakes... eek!

I met this amazing woman when she was working as an intern with me while going to school to be a Civil Engineer.  Let me tell you, this girl can do anything she sets her mind to, and was such a huge help to have as an intern!  I've seen her climb dump trucks full of asphalt to check temperatures, survey in a snow storm, and push a wheelbarrow full of concrete!  Yes, this girl.  The same beautiful woman you see below!

As I got to know Anna better, we found out that her life is basically exactly like mine when I was her age to a T!  It's like she has been born to live out my life again, only make better choices.  hehe ;-)  So glad I met this girl, and got to meet Carlos too.  He's such a sweet and humble guy, and I'm so glad these two kids found each other!  They go so well together.  Anna & Carlos, here is your wedding picture preview!  The rest should be done soon!  Enjoy. ;-)