Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Time Singin - Big Tent Revival

I don't know if everyone knows or not, but Nathan sings in a southern gospel quartet with 3 other men called "Southern Tradition". They are asked to go around the state singing for different church events. I just wanted to bragg a bit on his singing abilities because he is such a talented singer. Here are a few video's of their last singing that took place in a big outdoor tent in the country. Please forgive the video quality. :-) I was fighting with my camera card which kept running out of space so I had to cut the songs up. Maybe next time I can record a whole song! Comments are always welcome!
From left to right is: Terry - Nathan - Casey (Nathan's dad) - and Jasper. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The garden is doing well this year although not as large as I would have wanted so I thought I would share a few photos. The lillies are just beautiful but since it's soooo windy right now they won't stay still for a photo. This year we planted tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, and some basil. That basil will be great in some homemade pad kee mao! Yum!

flame orange lily

cherry tomatoes

sweet basil

dwarf dalia

jane magnolia bloom

Colorado - Pikes Peak Area

Last night I finally started going through my pictures from Colorado that were taken on our honeymoon. It's about time! ha ha.. I have added a few to my gallery on my website and will continue adding images as I go through them all. Here are a few, and if you are interested in seeing more, follow this link here. Thanks guys for looking!

Crystal Lake - Halfway up to Pikes Peak

Rock formation - about 13,000 feet

Windy Road to the Top

Sunset - Pikes Peak in the background

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Red Sky at Night - Sailors Delight

Oh my gosh!! Did anyone see the sky tonight??!! It was amazing! I couldn't help but break out the camera and take a few pictures. Nathan grabbed the tripod for me while I braved the rain to shoot the sky. I love sunsets but this one was just surreal!

Note: This is Nathan enjoying his new mountain bike in the rain. ;-) Silly...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bull Shoals

We have made it back from the wilderness and man is it good to sleep in a real bed again! Those air matresses just aren't the same. But despite a sore back, we had a great trip and Bull Shoals lake was just beautiful. I can not believe how clear the water is up there!! When you look at it in the shallower parts, it almost reminds me of the water in Panama City, Tyndall Air Force Base, where I lived as a child with it's emerald green color.

I have a lot of pictures to share and it's going to be a long post! We stayed in a campground below the dam where there is a lot of good trout fishing, and the river is just beautiful! I have a few pictures of the dam and river from a lookout tower in the town of Bull Shoals.
After fishing, I promised Nathan I would do some videos of him running out the boat. So to grant his wish, there is a whole spread dedicated to the boat. :-) I think he said it got up to 75 mph. Take a look at the video.

On the way out, I begged Nathan to take a short side trip over to Cotter so I could see the Cotter Bridge. The bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built by Marsh Engineering. It is referred to as a marsh concrete rainbow arch bridge. This design was patented by James Marsh in 1912. It was built back in 1930 in an era where engineering was a very respected and honorable profession. When they decided to build a bridge, they went all out. And you can tell, because it is still standing just as strong as ever. I am so amazed at structures, if only I were good at designing them. ;-) I will have to learn under my bestest friend Vong, who is now a Structural Engineer. I'm so proud of you Vong!!
Enjoy the pictures everyone!

View from the Visitors Center

Clear Water!!

Sun Perch we caught. Aren't they so pretty!

"Croaky" the catfish I caught. Yes.. I named him. hehehehe!

Nathan's Brown Bass (or smallmouth)

Cotter Bridge

This is the train tressel we walked down to get a good picture of the bridge. And I was so scared!! The trains still use this track and if he were to come while we were on it...well.. it's a long fall to a shallow 4-6 foot deep river. All in the name of photography!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vieng's Baby Shower

Congratulations Vieng!! Vieng will be having the first girl grand baby in the family and everyone is sooo ready to spoil her rotten with little dresses and bows. I know Baby Courtney will look just like her mother and aunties and will be absolutely beautiful! We can't wait to see her! Here is a preview of the photos I took Saturday night at her baby shower.

Mom & Baby Carson

Cute Decor Vong & Christina!

Mom & Daughters

Cute Diaper Cake by Vi!