Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bass Tournament

Saturday marked the first annual bass tournament that Nathan decided to start with his co-workers. So he teamed up with his dad and I teamed up with my dad and we set out for Bob Kid Lake at the extreme early hour of 6:00 AM!! We had to be loaded in the water at 6:00 so we left the house at 5:00! Those of you who know me, know that I am usually not a morning person. But once I was up and out, it was a lot of fun. The best part of the day to me was watching the amazing sunrise!! I love sunrises and sunsets and usually only capture sunsets (because of my love for sleep). This one was spectacular on the water and below you can see my favorite picture of the morning. I find it absolutely amazing what our creator has created for us.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day at Devils Den

So part of our busy weekend was our yearly trip to Devil's Den for Memorial Day and for Jennifer's birthday. I think this has officially become a tradition because when we all got up and saw the forecast for Monday, Jennifer said I'm going if I get wet or not! So we went.

Lucky for us, dad can design and build anything you need so he went out early and devised a system of ropes high in the trees that he could stretch a tarp over (the one from the ice storm used to cover his hole covered roof! ;-) ) It worked perfect and as the rains came, we were dry and having a great time! Whenever water would gather on the tarp, we would have to push it over the ropes. It made for a pretty cool picture though!

The whole family made the best of it and I think everyone was laughing all day long. We even braved the trail and got soaked, at one point taking shelter in the freezing cold devil's den ice box cave! Just take a look at mom holding Averee in the cave! She's probably going to kill me putting that picture on here.. Sorry Mom but i couldn't resist!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day! And a special thanks to all of those who have served in our military. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for all the freedoms we enjoy.

Rainbow at Blue Springs

Saturday night after fishing all morning with my dad at Bob Kidd Lake, Nathan and I decided to run out to Blue Springs on Beaver Lake and try some top water baits just for fun. And of course it started pouring down raining on us. But luckily Nathan had an extra rain coat for me (made me look as big as the marshmallow man. . hehehe!) and before it was over, when the sun began to set, a beautiful rainbow came out! Luckily I had my small camera with me, but I was dying that I didn't have my Nikon D200! Excuse the graininess. But all in all it was a beautiful end to a long fun day.

Jennifer & Misti's Birthday Dinner

Well it was a busy but fun weekend! It started off Friday night with a birthday party for my sister Jennifer and our friend Misti. Misti is the daughter of Marilyn, a lady who worked with my sister and I at J.C.Penney back in the day! We love her to death and had a blast with her family! Thanks to Misti's daughter Amanda and her friend, there were lots of laughs! Here are some photos of our fun. And check out the purses. I got there and everyone had the same type purse but me! So I took a picture. Enjoy! The rest of the photos are up on my site if you would like to see. Just click here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day

I thought I would share some pictures I took of my adorable little nieces Kaitlyn & Averee. I took these to give as gifts to my sister (d mommy) and mom (d nana). Being the sly person I am, I called up my sister (because I needed her car seat) and said you know what I want to take the girls to lunch today and maybe the park. Can I borrow your car seat and take them out of day care? So I did and I took them over to a beautiful field and snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately Averee did NOT like the grass poking her little legs.. poor thing.. and didn't smile very much. But I think we got the shots we needed. Such adorable little things!

I told Kaitlyn, don't tell mommy. We can tell her on Mothers Day. I later found out that she told my sister, "mommy we went to lunch but we can't show you the pictures until mother's day!" Oh well. It was a surprise to nana. I printed some wallets and made an accordian style little wallet pack that can be carried around in your purse to show friends and family. I will post a picture of it if I can get it out of my mom or sister's hands! Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Fishing Trip

Well, there weren't any photography clients to show off this week, but there were some fun trips I took and I can show those off! This past weekend was the FLW bass tournament on Beaver Lake, so Nathan and I went out Saturday and Sunday to get a glimpse of the pros out fishing and do a little fishing ourselves. It was the first sunny days we've had in forever!
We put in at the highway 12 bridge near Prairie Creek and ran all the way up to a place called Rambo. Wierd huh? The water was so calm and clear up there it was beautiful. That is now my favorite place to fish. We caught a few Kentucky bass, but they were mostly small. I even caught a crappie on a brush hog worm!
We found a cove where you can access the War Eagle Cavern while we were fishing and it looks really awesome. I've never been, but it said not to enter without a guide and without paying... so after walking in a few steps, we decided to come back another time when we could legally enter. hahaha! Enjoy the pictures!

A few of the pro's headed back to weigh in.
They could barley get under the highway 12 bridge because of the water level!

Baby Brush Hog. Green Pumpkin. My bait!

Here ya go Nate. A little bass boat glitter for ya!

Amber Falls & Compton Falls

As you know from an earlier post, it is still waterfall season and I went out on another hiking adventure with dad last week. This time of year is so beautiful because everything has bloomed out and is sooo green and water is in abundance! This time we went to Amber Falls, then hiked downstream and saw a couple of other falls on the way to Compton's Double Falls. I should have thought about it a little harder when the hiking book said park along the road then hike "down". He wasn't kidding. It was downhill from the truck, the entire way to each waterfall. And a steep downhill too, no trail. We got to use our maps and GPS though which is really fun cause dad and I are gadget nerds. :-P Well, the long downhill journey only meant one thing. A long steep climb back out. On the way back, I was thinking of sketching out a will and wondering if Nathan would take care of Garfield and Gizzy if I was gone. hehehe! The trip was well worth it though, and dad and I had a great time. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Amber Falls - these falls were named by Tim Ernst
after his daughter Amber.

Dad being silly

Amber Falls

Umbrella Magnolia Trees

Dad Shooting Amber Falls

Compton's Double Falls - These falls were named after a man named Neil Compton who knew this area very well and was well known for preserving this area.

Compton's Double Falls Again

Umbrella Magnolia Leaves

Had to include this one. Dad is so funny. He started marking his water bottles because he would open one, then forget and open another, then find the first bottle and wonder if it was his or mine or mom's. So he marked his first bottle "A". Left that one in the truck. Opened another and marked it with an "X". Then took another one for me and marked it "O". He asked me to get his water for him and I looked down and said which one?? X or O? hahaha! he is so silly.