Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hannah Grace Crumby

Our prayers and thoughts go out today to the Crumby Family as they have lost their 4 year old daughter, Hannah Grace. Hannah was very near and dear to us, and grew up in the church nursery with my niece Kaitlyn. They were born pretty close together and spent their entire lives together growing up.

How soon we forget how precious life is to us. May we always be reminded that no matter what we are going through, how we hate our jobs, or lack thereof, or get frustrated at our situations, we should always be thankful we have our health and our families. Some do not. Praise God for his comfort and grace and that we can all now celebrate that Hannah is no longer suffering, but is happy, healthy and free in heaven.

In rememberence of Hannah, I have posted some of the few photos I have gathered of her and Kaitlyn over the years. Just click on the picture below to view the album.

Please pray that God will send peace and comfort to the Crumby family.

This is the link to her site that the hospital has set up for her through private donations. If you would like to see this site, or donate to help some of their expenses please create a log in and sign in.


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