Friday, April 16, 2010

Arkansas Back Roads - Indian Cave & Shores Lake

This will be the second posting for the new Arkansas Backroads gallery, yay!  Last weekend I went on a little hiking/photo trip with my dad to Indian Cave, which is near Mountainburg.  I had no idea we had anything like it in this area, but it is just a small bluff with Indian carvings in it.  You can definitely tell that they are legitimate, and unfortunately some very inconsiderate people who do not appreciate the value and history, tried leaving their own carvings on the walls too.  But it is obvious those are fake.  The lines are very thin meaning they had a sharp tool such as a knife, back then the Indians used stones creating much deeper lines and impressions.
After Indian Cave, we headed down to Shores lake which is at the bottom of White Rock.  What a beautiful lake!  If you haven't been there you must go.  Such a peaceful and secluded place, it can help anyone de-stress.  Here are a few photos from my adventures!  And remember they will all go into the Arkansas Backroads Gallery!

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