Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marley + Julia's Mountain Top Wedding!!

Hello all!!

I cannot belive I have not blogged since March! For those of you who didn't notice, the last few posts consisted of way too many oogly google photos of my little guy Eli. ;) What can I say, I'm partial to his squishy little face. I've been hiding out and taking a break for a while, and thanks to Julia & Marley I had the chance to get out and shoot a wedding!  Not just any wedding, a mountain top wedding at White Rock mountain....and the view from the top... breathtaking.  Even more breathtaking was observing just how much these two kids love each other.  Julia, Marley, you two are perfect for each other.  Congratulations I'm so happy for you two!
Well, despite a few random showers of rain, and sleet, we managed to have the wedding precipitation free!  Yay!! And let me tell you, despite the bitterly cold temps, rain, and sleet, these folks didn't complain one time.  I've never seen such compassionate, hard working and loving friends and family.  It was so great meeting everyone and I hope to see you all again!  Here's your picture preview!


  1. Michelle,
    On behalf of Julia's father and myself I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful and heroic capture of this event. You muse on photos from a, "What would I want", viewpoint which is seen evident in the finished product. Having the dual cameras provided some extra special effects, like the one of Julia looking up from the crowd. Thank you for toughing out the 6 hours of hail!! Carol Foreman

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words Ms. Foreman. Doesn't even feel like work when I'm lucky enough to be working with such a laid back and happy bunch of people, even in the rain and sleet! I felt I was a bit rusty after the long baby break, so your comments are very much appreciated! Thanks for the encouragement and I hope we cross paths again soon!

  2. Marley and Julia,
    I send you wishes filled with much love for a long and happy life together.

    You both look so very happy.... looks like an awesome wedding!


  3. Beautiful pictures! Cindy

  4. was happy to be a part of that very special day, congratulations again Marley and Julia, and the pictures are great, cannot wait to see the rest of them, love u two! and thank you again for letting us share your day with you, lots of love, Charles Bennett and Jessie Miller.