Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Centerpoint Trail - Buffalo River Area

Well, for the first time since my dad's heart troubles, he has finally been cleared by his doctor to start hiking again.  We decided that it was only fitting for his first trip back out to be somewhere in the Buffalo River Area!  Our favorite place; there is so much to see there, tall bluffs, waterfalls, elk, wildlife.  If you've never been, you really should see it.

After going through several trails, we decided to try Centerpoint trail near Compton.  Instead of going all the way down to Steel Creek, we headed to Big Bluff (sometimes called Goat Bluff Trail), then came back.  After discovering that the whole trail was downhill, we had to turn around and climb uphill the whole way back!  I believe it was roughly 3 miles there, and 3 back, so we were a little winded and sore when it was all over with!  Next time we leave a car at Steel Creek and head downhill the whole way!

From the pictures you can see why it's called Goat Bluff Trail.  It follows the edge of a steep bluff, and towards the end, gets a little unnerving.  I included a lot of picture of my dad for scale so you can see the height of these bluffs.  (and cause it's my dad and all :-))  It was pretty sunny so not very good light for landscape photography, but I managed to get a few.  Enjoy!

For all the nerds out there who have GPS and would like to find this trail, the coordinates for the trail head are 36-03.85N, 93-21.62W.

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