Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowy Birds/ Arkansas Bird Feeder

So I looked outside yesterday and all the birds were frantic trying to find food, and being the bleeding heart kinda person I am for animals I decided to do something about it!  All the feeders were snowed under and empty.  I looked around for the quickest solution and found a huge box that one of my photos came in.  I realized that if I opened the two sides, and slid them into the snow it was just like a table!  hehe (Arkansas engineering skills I guess ;-) ) So I scattered the bird food and here they all came!  
We had so many red cardinals at one point it was crazy!  Beautiful birds.  I did find out through the whole ordeal that my windows need cleaning bad! I couldn't shoot anything through them.  Plan B: hide outside and wait for the birds to come back out to get pictures of them.  After frost bit toes, here's what I got.  Photography is so fun.  Even when it's just a bunch of birds!

The "Arkansas" Bird Feeder
Snowy Scene

How many Cardinals do you see??

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