Monday, May 18, 2009

Amber Falls & Compton Falls

As you know from an earlier post, it is still waterfall season and I went out on another hiking adventure with dad last week. This time of year is so beautiful because everything has bloomed out and is sooo green and water is in abundance! This time we went to Amber Falls, then hiked downstream and saw a couple of other falls on the way to Compton's Double Falls. I should have thought about it a little harder when the hiking book said park along the road then hike "down". He wasn't kidding. It was downhill from the truck, the entire way to each waterfall. And a steep downhill too, no trail. We got to use our maps and GPS though which is really fun cause dad and I are gadget nerds. :-P Well, the long downhill journey only meant one thing. A long steep climb back out. On the way back, I was thinking of sketching out a will and wondering if Nathan would take care of Garfield and Gizzy if I was gone. hehehe! The trip was well worth it though, and dad and I had a great time. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Amber Falls - these falls were named by Tim Ernst
after his daughter Amber.

Dad being silly

Amber Falls

Umbrella Magnolia Trees

Dad Shooting Amber Falls

Compton's Double Falls - These falls were named after a man named Neil Compton who knew this area very well and was well known for preserving this area.

Compton's Double Falls Again

Umbrella Magnolia Leaves

Had to include this one. Dad is so funny. He started marking his water bottles because he would open one, then forget and open another, then find the first bottle and wonder if it was his or mine or mom's. So he marked his first bottle "A". Left that one in the truck. Opened another and marked it with an "X". Then took another one for me and marked it "O". He asked me to get his water for him and I looked down and said which one?? X or O? hahaha! he is so silly.

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