Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arkansas County Roads- Wedington Area

This weekend has been an absolute blast!  The weather forecast seemed pretty gloom, but the sun really stayed out most of the day Saturday and we decided to get out and go for a drive.  It seems like I haven't picked up my camera in weeks!  It was very liberating to be out in the sunshine, soaking in nature, and shooting away.  We found this huge old oak tree probably 8-10 feet in diameter and decided to climb it like little kids.  I found out I'm not as young and fearless as I used to be but it was fun!  After that, we took a break from tree climbing and soaked up the sun in a big field!  Since it's still early, the chiggers and ticks weren't out yet, yay!! I think after this drive, I've decided to start a new gallery in my nature section for Arkansas backroads, etc...  I'll post these photos there for purchase if anyone is interested.  Here are some photos from our drive.

of course my favorite, sage grass!!

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